To support Chinese traditions and customs in our country, the temple board of directors holds a series of celebration activities in Taoism ceremony and Godsí birthdays during the Chinese New Year period.  
  • The God of Wealth

    On the eve of Chinese New Year each year, the temple cordially engages the distinguished and senior Taoist Master to lead the disciples in receiving the God of wealth. (Each disciple must be sign up earlier, prepare a God of Wealth book of models to be incinerated together with the golden joss paper, each God of Wealth book of models costs $5).  The recipient of the God of Wealth shall bring the long joss sticks back home and thrusts them in the incense burner before the gods. If the person did not create a God worshipping alter, he may place long joss sticks in the living room; and let the joss sticks burn out.

Lunar New Year Eve, after Reunion Dinner, Devotees came to receive God of Wealth

  • Praying to the TaiSui (Star God Presiding Over The Year)

    The senior and distinguished Taoist Master of the temple will on behalf of disciples, pray to Taisui for peace, safety, and smooth passage with good fortune from 8.00am to 6.00pm starting from the 4th day till 30th day of the 1st lunar month.

    Taisui is the Star God in charge of one year. According to legend, he was known as the demon of the heaven. There is a popular saying that related "who dares to break ground on the head of Taisui".  The belief in Taisui originated from worship by ancient people for the celestial body and is closely related to the time recording of China ancient and traditional twelve Earthly Branches, used in a cycle of combination with the ten Heavenly Stems of times.  Having altogether 60 pairs and being called "60 cycles of sixty years".  Taoists called these 60 cycles of sixty years as 60 constellations. Every constellation respectively has one God and altogether there are 60 Gods who take turns to be charge of each year.  The man of the world born in a certain year shall have the God in charge of that year as his Star God of the order.

    The deity ascension and spirit empowering ceremony for the Taisui hall of this temple was held on 17th day of the 10th lunar month of 1993 (30th November 1992). It is the first local Taisui God hall with full facility. The Taisui of 60 cycles of sixty years enshrined for worship there is the branch spirit from Yuanchen Hall of China Beijing Bai Yunguan.


Jia Wu Lunar Year (2014) Star God of the Year: General Zhang Ci
Star God Birthday: Thursday, 14.8.2014

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Offending The Current Taisui (Star God of the Year)
Lunar  Year Chinese Zodiac
Ren Wu (Born in 2002 & 1942)
Geng Wu (Born in 1990 & 1930)
Wu Wu (Born in 1978)
Bing Wu (Born in 1966)
Jia Wu (Born in 1954)

Xin Mao (Born in 2011 & 1951)
Ji Mao (Born in 1999 & 1939)
Ding Mao (Born in 1987 & 1927)
Yi Mao (Born in 1975)
Gui Mao (Born in 1963)
Yi You (Born in 2005 & 1945) 
Gui You (Born in 1993 & 1933)
Xu You (Born in 1981 & 1921)
Ji You (Born in 1969)
Ding You (Born in 1957)
Conflicts with The current Taisui (Star God of the Year)
Lunar Year Chinese Zodiac
  Wu Zi (Born in 2008 & 1948)
Bing Zi
(Born in 1996 & 1936)
Jia Zi (Born in 1984 & 1924)
Ren Zi (Born in 1972)
Gen Zi (Born in 1960)


Those of the other Eight Zodiac Signs born in  
2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th month of Lunar Calendar
Need to offer prayers to
"Taisui" (God of Year)


Devotees Praying to Tai Sui (Star God) 

  • Request for good fortune Ang Pow

    From 6am to 9pm on the 4th, 9th and 15th days of the 1st lunar month, Good fortune ang pow paper envelopes are prepared for disciples to make new year wishes for multiple blessings.

Devotees Requesting Good Fortune Ang Pow

  • Birthday Celebration of The Jade Emperor (Tiangong Birthday)

    On the 8th and 9th days of 1st lunar month, respectful wishing for sacred and boundless longevity of the Jade Emperor is made.  Drama troupes are engaged to perform in public for 2 days and nights to add to the celebration.  At the same time, senior and distinguished Taoist Master is invited cordially to build one supernatural medium, pray for favorable weather, and wish for a prosperous country and our people living in peace.



Taoists Priests performing ritual during Jade Emperor Birthday

  • Mending Fate

    During the 1st lunar month of every year, senior and distinguished Taoist Master is invited cordially to mend fates for all disciples. Fee of $30 is charged for the whole family, with application open from 1st day of 12th lunar month of the following year.

Distinguished Taoist Priest Mending Fates for Devotees

  • Praying to Tiger God

    Inside a traditional Chinese temple, generally, a Tiger God is enshrined for worship. The birthday of Tiger God is fixed on the day "the waking of Insects".  Whenever, Tiger God's birthday is celebrated, worshippers come to worship and pray for turning all ill lucks into good ones, and for good fortune to be blessed throughout the year.