Contributing to the Community

As part of its mission to contribute to community welfare and advance the cause of education, Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple has annually since 1992, distributed New Year Ang Bao and presented bursaries to the needy in the community, and diligent students from Maha Bodhi School.  Other recipients also include students from secondary schools, junior colleges, polytechnics, and universities in Singapore. The ceremony is generally co-hosted by a Member of Parliament and a legal consultant, and supported by teachers from Maha Bodhi School. The proceeding of the Presentation Ceremony; (1) distribution of New Year Ang Bao to the poor; and (2) presentation of bursaries to the students. A group photo with the hosts is taken after the presentation ceremony. Refreshments are served after the ceremony.

The Society of Sheng Hong Welfare Services was also set up in 2000 to further propagate our community services efforts.