Couplets and Plaques

庙宇主体由三部分组成 -拜亭城隍大殿和太岁殿,殿上正中悬挂“是梦觉关”的大牌匾,上款为“安溪城隍庙”,下款“邑令黄宅中原撰, 溥门弟子洪志超敬书”。

上:保我黎民   下:前贤李钰大书额 一 九九年秋北京王禹时义书。

阴骘下民 左:张瑞图敬书

The two plaques hung at the entrance of the main hall are replicas of the originals in the Sheng Hong Temple in Anxi. Behind each plaque is a story/legend. More details are available in our “90th Anniversary” Commemorative Book.

The couplet depicts the beliefs and history of Sheng Hong.  The right couplet is to bless the devotees in Asia while the left couplet depicts devotees’ return to Anxi, Fujian Province to discover their roots and in extending their sincere worship of the City God.

General Jiu Ye (九爷) and other Generals are enshrined on the right of the main hall, while General Ba Ye (八爷), other Generals, Xiao Zi Gong (孝子公) and the 5 Generals of the Yin world are enshrined on the left.  These are the subordinates of City God.  Those who wish to visit City God will have to be reviewed and inspected by them. Deities Ba Ye and Jiu Ye look after the affairs in Hades and record the good and wrong deeds.  There is no excuse for evil.  This couplet depicts the righteousness of Sheng Hong in handling the cases and to remind people to do good and be responsible for one’s doings.

The face of Deity Ba Ye is white and his tongue is long.  He has scary features.  His tongue is protruded as he is amazed by the numerous wrong doings of people.  People are fearful of his scary look and it reminds them not to do wrong deeds.

The couplet depicts the official duty of Anxi Sheng Hong Deity.  Both Anxi Sheng Hong and Xian You Bo Zhu (显佑伯主) refers to the same Deity Anxi Sheng Hong Ye (City God).  Sheng Hong Deity is able to protect the villagers and the land boundary.  When Sheng Hong Deity arrived in Southeast Asia, He continues to bless the immigrants.  He will punished people who do evil and reward those who do good deeds.

The couplet depicts that there is Karma for one’s deeds.  The Deities are in the know of the deeds of individuals and you will reap what you sow.

The couplet reminds people that Sheng Hong Deity is aware of one’s doings. It is difficult to escape the eyes of Sheng Hong Deity when one does evil, even in the dark.  Upon entering the temple, one has to be sincere and honest in their approach.

This couplet depicts the importance of “Filial Piety” for the Chinese.  It is not necessary to be present in the temple to offer one’s prayer if one respects the elders.  It is fine not to bow in front of the Deity if one is able to relate harmoniously to friends, relatives and related people.

This couplet depicts the righteousness and fairness of Sheng Hong Deity.  He judges people fairly and is able to differentiate between the good and wrong.  One, despite his ability and status, will not be able to avoid the punishment of the Deity for doing wrong deeds.

The couplet reminds people to be kind and good.  Be an upright person and one will live in peace. One will not offend the Spirit and Deity if one does good things.

The couplet depicts the status of Sheng Hong Deity.  According to legend, Anxi Sheng Hong Deity treated the illness of the Emperor’s mother in the Song Dynasty.  He was bestowed with a royal robe by the Emperor.  There is a set of such robe in one of the temples in Fujian Province.  During the Ming Dynasty, Sheng Hong Deity was bestowed higher titles.  He was continously rewarded by the Emperor for his outstanding performances.

In the ancient China, there are 60 years in one cycle.  One Taisui General (太岁) will be appointed each year to oversee the year’s affairs.  The right couplet depicts the responsibility of Taisui.  In the early days, the temple was built to worship Taisui and the Natural God.  In the Taisui Hall at Sheng Hong Temple, a statue of Dou Mu Yuan Jun (斗姆元君) is enshrined at the centre altar.  The left couplet depicts that the Taisui Hall is a harmonious place.

There are 7 lamps hanging from the ceiling of the Taisui Hall, each with its own significance.

The couplet depicts the blessings of Dou Mu Yuan Jun for the universe.  All people, regardless of status or designation, are respectful of this Deity and worship her sincerely.

This couplet extends blessings to the people of Singapore and for people to live in peace and harmony with each other.