Logo of Sheng Hong Temple

The logo harness the spirit of our organization and depicts the objectives and progress of the Temple.

The logo reflects the association to the Taoist religion and the Association’s respect and love for Singapore.  It consists of 2 colours; red and white within the Taiji circumference which represent the Yin and Yang of all living objects in the universal.  The colour is also similar to Singapore’s flag. It also symbolizes the Association’s spirit and role in caring for the existing on earth and the underworld.

The traditional temple structure is surrounded by 2 waves of ripple, symbolizing water and the ability of Sheng Hong Deity to safeguard the city. 

The 2 dots in the Taiji logo represents the pearl and the roof of the temple structure, with mounting wall representing  the rising sun from the water.  The whole logo depicts abundance and brightness where the 2 dots of Taiji melt to become the pearl and agility in style.  The pearl at the tip of the temple structure represents the integrity and the role of Sheng Hong Deity in protecting the people.  The rising sun on the water represents the vibrant and diverse activities of the Temple, with everyone working in unity towards a brighter future.