Taisui Hall

People of ancient years in China believes that it takes 60 years to complete a cycle, and yearly, there will be one Tai Sui (General) to manage the good and bad happenings in that year.  The legend of Tai Sui has existed since the migrants landed in Singapore.  The 60 Tai Sui statues originated from the Bei Yun Guan Yuan Chen Dian (白云观元辰殿) in Beijing.  The statues were consecrated in 1993 by Master Huang Xin Yang (黄信阳), Vice President of Taoist Association.  In the Tai Sui Hall, Dou Mu (斗姆) statue is placed on the central altar.  Dou Mu is the Heavenly Mother of the 60 Taisui.  She is motherly and kind.  Above the central altar are 7 star-lamps arranged in the Bei Dou Qi Xing (北斗七星) formation.  The 60 Tai Sui statues are placed on both the right and left side of the Hall.  Each has his own name, status and style. Most temples in Singapore will traditionally enshrine only one Tai Sui statue to represent the Tai Sui for the Year.  Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple is well known for taking the lead in establishing a complete Tai Sui Hall.


Annually, from the 4th Day to the end of the 1st Lunar month, Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple organizes prayer rituals for devotees to offer their prayers to their respective Tai Sui.  The prayers are held daily from 7am to 8.30pm during this period. Master Priests will be present to lead and guide thousands of devotees to pray for blessings, avert dangers and evils, and to pray for a smooth sailing year.  For the ritual ceremony, devotees will need to fill up their personal details in a scripture provided, known as Shu Wen (疏文).  The Master Priest will lead the devotees to offer their prayers to Tai Sui. The scripture is then burnt with the Tai Sui joss papers to symbolize blessings and good luck for the year.  When one seeks blessings at the beginning of the year, one has to give thanks at the end of the year. A Tai Sui thanksgiving prayer ritual will be organized by Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple for devotees to thank their respective Tai Sui for their blessings.  The grand thanksgiving prayer ritual is generally held in the 11th Lunar month, before Winter Solstice festival, led by Master Priests.


60 Taisui

Jia-Zi General Jin Bian.Yi-Chou General Chen Cai.Bing-Yin General Geng Zhang.Ding-Mao General Shen Xin.Wu-Chen General Zhao Da.Ji-Si General Guo Can.

Geng-Wu General Wang Ji.Xin-Wei General Li Su.Ren-Shen General Liu Wang.Gui-You General Kang Zhi.Jia-Xu General Shi Guang.Yi-Hai General Ren Bao.

Bing-Zi General Guo Jia.Ding-Chou General Wang Wen.Wu-Yin General Lu Xian.Ji-Mao General Long Zhong.Geng-Chen General Dong De.Xin-Si General Zheng Dan.

Ren-Wu General Lu Ming.Gui-Wei General Wei Ren.Jia-Shen General Fang Jie.Yi-You General Jiang Chong.Bing-Xu General Bai Min.Ding-Hai General Feng Ji.

Wu-Zi General Zheng Dang.Ji-Chou General Fu You.Geng-Yin General Wu Xuan.Xin-Mao General Fan Ning.Ren-Chen General Peng Tai.Gui-Si General Xu Dan.

Jia-Wu General Zhang Ci.Yi-Wei General Yang Xian.Bing-Shen General Guan Zhong.Ding-You General Tang Jie.Wu-Xun General Jiang Wu.Ji-Hai General Xie Tai.

Geng-Zi General Lu Mi.Xin-Chou General Yang Xin.Ren-Yin General He E.Gui-Mao General Pi Shi.Jia-Chen General Li Cheng.Yi-Si General Wu Sui.

Bing-Wu General Wen Zhe.Ding-Wei General Miao Bing.Wu-Shen General Xu Hao.Ji-You General Cheng Bao.Geng-Xu General Ni Mi.Xin-Hai General Ye Jian.

Ren-Zi General Qiu De.Gui-Chou General Zhu De.Jia-Yin General Zhang Chao.Yi-Mao General Wan Qing.Bing-Chen Xin Ya.Ding-Si General Yang Yan.

Wu-Xun General Li Qing.Ji-Wei General Fu Dang.Geng-Shen General Mao Cui.Xin-You General Shi Zheng.Ren-Xun General Hong Chong.Gui-Hai General Yu Cheng.

Year of Rat   1924   1984   2044   General Jin Bian

During the Ming Dynasty, Taisui Jia Zi (甲子) is named Jin Lian (金濂) and also known as Jin Bian (金辩). He was entrusted to command the military at Ling Xia Province.  Jin Bian was capable and was respected as a virtuous person.  He helped many people and earned their praises. He was able to handle issues fairly and impartially.

Year of the Ox   1925   1985   2045   General Chen Cai

General Chen Cai (陈材) was born in Jin Hua, Zhejiang Province during the Song Dynasty.  He was famous due to his courageous effort in saving the candidates from a fire during an examination.

Year of Tiger   1926   1986   2046   General Geng Zhang

General Geng Zhang (耿章) was born in Lu Di, Shangdong Province during the Ming Dynasty.  He was an official in the province.  He fought for justice for the people, even if it was at the expense of his own title.  The villagers were thankful of his good deeds.  When he passed away, he was classified in the list of “renowned official” and worshiped by the villagers annually.

Year of Rabbit   1927   1987   2047   General Shen Xin

General Shen Xing (沈兴) was born in Jian Ling, Fujian Province during the Ming Dynasty.  Shen Xing was strong, an eye for details and was aboveboard.  He was good in solving problems and eloquent in his speech.  During the period from 1368 to 1398, he built walls to protect the city from intruders.  He defeated the enemy and protected the villagers.  The people were safe in his hands.

Year of the Dragon   1928   1988   2048   General Zhao Da

General Zhao Da (赵达) was born in Henan Province.  General Zhao Da was intelligent.  He learnt martial arts during the era of the Three Kingdoms and geomancy from his master, Sun Quan (孙权).  He was able to foresee danger and avert the dangers.

Year of Snake   1929   1989   2049   General Guo Can

General Guo Can (郭灿) was born in An Yang, Henan Province in the Ming Dynasty.  He protected the people in the village and defeated the enemy.  He was also able to mediate differences and capable of using appropriate methods to resolve issues. He was also able to protect the rights of the villagers.

Year of Horse   1930   1990   2050   General Wang Ji

General Wang Ji (王济) was born in Lao Yang, Hebei Province during the Song Dynasty.  He had an upright character and was able to resolve problems for the villagers.  He was capable of giving constructive advice to Tai Zong (太宗) to protect the people.  The 10 most important advices included selecting suitable officials, differentiate good and bad officials, rectify credentials and title, eliminate excessive entertainments etc.

Year of Goat   1931   1991   2051   General Li Su

General Li Su (李素) was born in Long Xi, Kangxiao Province.  He was knowledgeable in Taoist studies and faced the enemy fearlessly.  General Li Su earned the respect of people and was well-loved by them.  He helped the people pay lower taxes.  He was modest in his dealings and well known amongst the villagers.

Year of Monkey   1932   1992   2052   General Liu Wang

General Liu Wang (刘旺) was born in Hui Chun, Jilin, Liao Ning Province during the Ming Dynasty.  He was virtuous and handled official matters according to the law.  He made much sacrifices during the chaotic period and was unfortunately killed in the battlefield at the boundary of the country.

Year of Rooster   1933   1993   2053   General Kang Zhi

General Kang Zhi (康志) was born in Ling Zhou, Ningxia Province during the Tang Dynasty.  He was also known as Kang Zhi Lu (康志睦).  He was good in horse-back archery and was able to defend his village. His father, Kan Ri (康日) defeated the enemy too.  Kang Zhi’s son, Kang Cheng Xun (康承训) thwarted a treacherous official’s treason plan and killed more than 10,000 rebellious soldiers.  The family members of General Kang Zhi are all renowned warriors who had defended courageously for the country.

Year of the Dog   1934   1994   2054   General Shi Guang

General Shi Guang (施广) was born in Zhuang Ju, Guanxi during the Ming Dynasty.  Shi Guang is knowledgeable and multi-skilled.  He was industrious and well versed in history.  He was a teacher and disciplinary master who established school rules and provided guidance to his students.  His students saw General Shi Guang as a role model and worked hard to learn from him.  He contributed all his savings towards good causes.  His generosity earned the respect and praise of the villagers.

Year of Pig   1935   1995   2055   General Ren Bao

General Ren Bao (任保) was born in Jian Lin, Fujian.  He led and fought along side his troops to defend his country.  His actions uplifted the morale of his troops which was decisive in his troops’ defeat of the pirates during a sea battle.  General Ren Bao was promoted as a senior officer in the subsequent year.

Year of Rat   1936   1996   2056   General Guo Jia

General Guo Jia (郭嘉) was born in Pu Yang, Henan Province during the Yuan Dynasty.  He was by nature generous and ambitious.  He gave personal rewards to the volunteer soldiers who were defending the country.  Although outnumbered, he killed the envoy of the invaders, opened the city gate and fought the battle with the volunteer soldiers. He was subsequently killed as his troops was outnumbered by the enemy.  The Kingdom bestowed Guo Jia as a General and conducted memorial service for him annually.

Year of Ox   1937   1997   2057   General Wang Wen

General Wang Wen (汪文) was born in Wu Yuan, Zhejiang Province during the Song Dynasty.  He was physically strong and exceled in strategic planning.  In the year 1226, he took away the ration of the enemy to feed his own troops as part of the defense strategy.  He managed to upkeep the peace and was awarded the title of “Strategic General” by the Emperor.

Year of Tiger   1938   1998   2058   General Lu Xian

General Lu Xian (鲁先) was born in Da Tong, Qin Hai Province during the Ming Dynasty.  He was appointed as an official to assist with the defence of Gan Xiao (甘肃).  He was brave and capable.  He will brave the arrows and gravels of the enemy to lead the troops in the attacks.  After 15 years of diligent service, he passed on and was bestowed the title of Governor.

Year of Rabbit   1939   1999   2059   General Long Zhong

General Long Zhong (龙仲) was born in Yong Xin, Jiangxi Province during the Song Dynasty.  He suggested to construct walls for the safety of the villages at Yong Xin (永新).  He also helped to edit and compile 200 official scripts.  When he passed on, the Emperor bestowed the title of “Learned Man” on his tomb.

Year of Dragon   1940   2000   2060   General Dong De

General Dong De (董德) was born in An Le, Jian Xi Province during the Song Dynasty.  Dong De was hardworking and often disregard tiredness while studying.  He was honest and had a pleasant personality.  He failed in the examinations and he lived in the forest since then for revision.  Although he did not come from a rich, he was forthcoming to help the poor from the proceeds he gotten from his land.

Year of Snake   1941   2001   2061   General Zheng Dan

General Zheng Dan (郑但) was born in Zai Xi, Anwei Province during the Ming Dynasty.  He was an ex-official in Zhejiang.  He was born into an  honorable family and exceled in writing poems.  He was viewed by the villagers as a poet.

Year of Horse   1942   2002   2062   General Lu Ming

General Lu Ming (陆明) was born in Dong Ling, Angwei Province during the Ming Dynasty.  He was studious and there was never a day that he was not reading a book.  He followed principles and was a strict discipline master who resolved problems efficiently.

Year of Goat   1943   2003   2063   General Wei Ren

General Wei Ren (魏仁) was born in Hua Zhou, Xiaxi Province during the Ming Dynasty.  He passed the examinations and was appointed as an official in charge of discipline.  His determination to have an audience with the Emperor helped his teacher overturned his unjust conviction.

Year of Monkey   1944   2004   2064   General Fang Jie

General Fang Jie (方杰) was born in Fujian during the Song Dynasty.  He helped the people reduce taxation and strengthened the river banks.  He also advanced the cause of education in villages.  His contributions were acknowledged by the villagers and was well known for 3 credentials; 1. all barren land will be put to good use; 2. no one will be jobless; and 3. there will be no unsolved cases for prisoners.  He was well respected by the villagers in Tong An (同安).

Year of Rooster   1945   2005   2065   General Jiang Chong

General Jiang Chong (蒋崇) was born in Dong Yang, Zhejiang Province during the Yuan Dynasty.  Since young, he was humble and did not lie.  He abided by the laws, was honest and disciplined.  He came from a poor family but was selfless in contributing to the villagers.  He was well respected by the people.

Year of Dog   1946   2006   2066   General Bai Min

General Bai Min (白敏) was born in Min Di, Fujian.  He was appointed as a Magistrate of the Chaozhou Province.  He maintained his integrity and helped to build schools in the villages.   His descendants followed his teachings and live a humble life.  He was frugal and helped the villagers reduce taxation.  The villages respected him for the benevolent ruling.

Year of Pig   1947   2007   2067   General Feng Ji

General Feng Ji (封济) was born in Hu Guan, Hunan Province.  He had an audience with villagers who turned to being thieves due to poverty.  Whenever harvests were poor, he would appeal to the Emperor to help the poor. The Emperor acknowledged his policies and appointed him as an official.

Year of Rat   1948   2008   2068   General Zou Dang

General Zou Dang (邹铛) was born in Wuhu, Anhui Province during the Ming Dynasty.  He was a meticulous person and handled matters justly.  He discouraged harshnesses and tortures. Wherever he went, he was able to root out corruption and evil doings, and was hence well loved by the people.

Year of Ox   1949   2009   2069   General Fu You

General Fu You (傅佑) was born in Kao Cheng, Henan Province during the Song Dynasty.  He had the capability to address political issues.  Instead of having the villagers to transport ration to the boundaries, he tasked the soldiers to carry cash and to purchase ration from the villagers. This not reduced the hardship of the villagers in transporting the ration but also ensured that the army is well fed.  He was subsequently appointed as a Scholar of the Imperial Court.

Year of Tiger   1950   2010   2070   General Wu Xuan

General Wu Xuan (邬桓) was born in Xin Chang, Zhejiang Province during the Yuan Dynasty.  He was a keen learner since young and was ambitious.  He was thrifty by nature and he often helped the poor.  He suppressed violent and corruption, enabling the people to live peacefully.  General Wu Xuan’s gesture was greatly appreciated by the people.

Year of Rabbit   1951   2011   2071   General Fan Ning

General Fan Ning (范宁) was born in Nan Yang, Henan Province.  He used his own savings to build schools in the villages so that people can receive education.  He even funded the school expenses.  His good deeds were admired and appreciated by the villagers.

Year of Dragon   1952   2012   2072   General Peng Tai

General Peng Tai (彭泰) was born in Feng Xiang, Xiaxi Province during the Ming Dynasty.  He carried out his work diligently and was able to share the burdens of the villagers.

Year of Snake   1953   2013   2073   General Xu Dan

General Xu Dan (徐单) was born in Ping Ling, Xiaxi Province during the Han Dynasty.  He practiced martial arts since young and was a famous warrior.  In one of the wars, he killed thousands of the enemy single handedly.  He was later appointed as a Commander, and together with General Ban Chao (班超), they captured the city of Wu Sun (乌孙).

Year of Horse   1954   2014   2074   General Zhang Ci

General Zhang Ci (章词) was born in Jing Xian, Anhui Province during the Ming Dynasty.  He was a learned person, strategist and a respected poet.  He set good examples for his people and willingly taught people .  He was able to advise the peasants to work diligently in their fields so as to have good harvests.  When the pirates attacked, he opened up the city gate to save the villagers.  He passed on while in office and was well loved by the villagers.

Year of Goat   1955   2015   2075   General Yang Xian

General Yang Xian (杨仙) was born in Zi Ji, Shandong Province during the Song Dynasty.  He lived in the deep mountains since young and was concise in his words and had the ability to predict future events.  He was never after the luxuries of city life.

Year of Monkey   1956   2016   2076   General Guan Zhong

General Guan Zhong (管仲) was born in Ji Kou, Ying Shang.  He was appointed the Prime Minister of Qi (齐) and led the country well with numerous economic policies.

Year of Rooster   1957   2017   2077   General Tang Jie

General Tang Jie (唐杰) was born in An Xiang, Hubei Province of the Tang Dynasty.  He learnt martial arts since young and was a strong and brave warrior.  He was admired and respected for his ability to defend the country.

Year of Dog   1958   2018   2078   General Jiang Wu

General Jiang Wu (姜武) was born in Bao De Zhou, Shandong Province during the Ming Dynasty.  He led the troop to defend the enemy. He fought with all he had and sacrificed himself on the battlefield as a result of over-exertion.  He was respected for his bravery and sacrifices.

Year of Pig   1959   2019   2079   General Xie Tai

General Xie Tai (谢太) was born in Lin Pu, Xiaxi Province during the Ming Dynasty.  He was honest and would returns things that do not belong to him.  He led by examples for his descendants followed in his foot steps.  His grandchildren were brought up well and were all appointed officials.

Year of Rat   1960   2020   2080   General Lu Mi

General Lu Mi (卢秘) was born in Kun Shan, Jiangsu Province.  He was good in writing letters, notes and stories.  He was subsequently appointed as an official.  He served the people diligently and reduced their hardships.  He passed on while in office.  People mourned his death, evident from the congested village streets during his funeral procession.

Year of Ox   1961   2021   2081   General Yang Xin

General Yang Xin (杨信) was born in Xia Di, Xiaxi Province during the Han Dynasty.  He fought for righteousness and lived life with dignity.

Year of Tiger   1962   2022   2082   General He E

General He E (贺谔) was born in Hu Xian, Hunan Province during the Yuan Dynasty.  He was good in war strategy and capable of mounting attacks.  He used his personal money to finance the war led by Yuan Shi Zu (元世祖).  He was appointed an official when he passed on.

Year of Rabbit   1963   2023   2083   General Pi Shi

General Pi Shi (皮时) was born in Yu Yang, Tianjin Province.  He joined other officials during a war and successfully conquered Zhou Ci, Kangxia Province.  He was well loved and respected by the people.  He was appointed an official and bestowed the title Gong Gong (恭公) when he passed away.

Year of Dragon   1964   2024   2084   General Li Cheng

General Li Cheng (李诚) was born in Wei Nan, Xiaxi Province during the Yuan Dynasty.  He emphasized on integrity and led by example.  He helped build schools and assisted the farmers in the villages.  He managed the army well to fight against the enemy.  The people respected him for his integrity.

Year of Snake   1965   2025   2085   General Wu Sui

General Wu Sui (吴遂) was born in Anhui during the Song Dynasty.  During the period of drought, he prayed for 3 consecutive days to Sheng Hong Deity for rain.  His prayers were answered and the villagers were eternally grateful.  He also helped the villagers facing poverty to the best of his ability.

Year of Horse   1966   2026   2086   General Wen Zhe

General Wen Zhe (王缜) was born in Tong Guan, Guandong Province.  He was honest and stern.  He reported 10 important issues to the Emperor.  The Emperor acknowledged his contributions and he was given a State burial when he passed away.

Year of Goat   1967   2027   2087   General Miao Bing

General Miao Bing (缪丙) was born in Bian Di, Henan Province during the Song Dynasty.  He loved to study and was filial towards his parents.  He also cared for his siblings.  He frequently helped people and was not after any official titles.  In the Year 1126, General Miao migrated from the north to the south where he worked in the field and studied.  He led a simple life.  When he passed on, he was acknowledged by the people as a matured and pleasant person who was deemed fit to be an official.

Year of Monkey   1968   2028   2088   General Xu Hao

General Xu Hao (徐浩) was born in Yezhou, Jianxi Province during the Tang Dynasty.  His writings were highly valued and compiled into renowned calligraphy series. He was subsequently appointed as an official.  He passed away at the age of 80.

Year of Rooster   1969   2029   2089   General Cheng Bao

General Cheng Bao (程宝) was born in Nan Han, Guandong Province.  He was appointed an official and led the troops in a war.  He defended his country and passed away at the battle field.

Year of Dog   1970   2030   2090   General Ni Mi

General Ni Mi (倪秘) was born in Lou Guan, Fujian Province.  He had a long beard and high forehead.  He was a simple man and was frugal.  He kept to his words and never gave empty promises to the people.  In 1199, he was appointed an official of Chaozhou Province.  He passed away at the age of 80 plus.

Year of Pig   1971   2031   2091   General Ye Jian

General Ye Jian (叶坚) was born in Ming Xian during the Ming Dynasty.  With an imposing height of 8 feet, he was good in martial arts and able to shoot arrows on a horse-back.  He achieved outstanding results during the imperial examinations and was appointed an official.  He led the people to build walls to protect the city.  He was generous and was particular on manners.  He viewed authorities and the noble with the commoners as equal.

Year of Rat   1912   1972   2032   General Qiu De

General Qiu De (丘德) was born during the Song Dynasty.  In 1129, he and 4 other officials joined Hong Hao (洪皓) in a war.  The group was imprisoned for 15 years for their refusal to accept appointments as high officials and rewards.  During their imprisonment, the group regularly used poems and scripts to express their loyalty to and love for their country.

Year of Ox   1913   1973   2033   General Zhu De

General Zhu De (朱得) was born in Ling Bi, Anhui Province during the Ming Dynasty.  He led tens of thousands of villagers to follow Ming Tai Zu (明太祖) to travel to Jiang Dong, and successfully took over control of Changzhou, Wu Chang, Suzhou etc.  He was appointed an official and was diligent in carrying out his duties when in office.

Year of Tiger   1914   1974   2034   General Zhang Chao

General Zhang Chao (张朝) was born in Ru Gao, Jiangsu Province during the Ming Dynasty.  He had good knowledge and skills in managing the army.  He could train the army well and was able to predict the enemy’s movement. The villagers were able to lead a peaceful life as General Zhang Chao was serious in governance and was able to prevent the enemy’s invasion.

Year of Rabbit   1915   1975   2035   General Wan Qing

General Wan Qing (万清) was born in Jian Chong.  He was quiet in nature and he paid great emphasis on one’s ambition.  He declined invitations by the Emperor to assume higher office as his focus was on his official duty in the lower office.

Year of Dragon   1916   1976   2036   Xin Ya

General Xin Ya (辛亚) was born in Di Dao, Gangxiao Province.  He was appointed as a General in recognition of his suppression of the riots.  When his area of control was affected by a pandemic, he personally took care of the sick villagers regardless of the risk.  He used his own money to purchase herbs for the patients.  The people regarded him as a “Mother” in recognition of his selfless care.

Year of Snake   1917   1977   2037   General Yang Yan

General Yang Yan (杨彦) was born in Hou Gong, Fuzhou during the Song Dynasty.  Since young, he was intelligent and often read articles written by scholars.  He learnt to write poems and wrote articles with the knowledge he obtained from the articles.  He was appointed an official when he passed on.

Year of Horse   1918   1978   2038   General Li Qing

General Li Qing (黎卿) was born in Anhui during the Ming Dynasty.  He was excelled in literature and the arts.  He was appointed as an official of Gao An Province.  He spent his 10 years of wrongful imprisonment writing poems and songs to mourn the deceased of the royal family.  The Emperor was impressed with his talent and released him to be appointed as an official of Mi Yang, Henan Province.

Year of Goat   1919   1979   2039   General Fu Dang

General Fu Dang (傅党) was born in Shi Cheng, Shandong Province during the Song Dynasty.  He managed the officials well so that the villagers would not be bullied.  He personally led the troops to war against the barbarians.  The people respected him.

Year of Monkey   1920   1980   2040   General Mao Cui

General Mao Cui (毛梓) was born in Huang Zhang Tai, Mongolia during the Jin Dynasty.  He was of brave character and was good in archery.  He was appointed an official for defeating the enemy.  During the term of office, he was highly respected by the officials and the people.

Year of Rooster   1921   1981   2041   General Shi Zheng

General Shi Zheng (石政) was born in Henan during the Yuan Dynasty.  He was a righteous man and lived a simple life.  He was diligent and careful.  He was able to handle official matters justifiably.  He believed in educating the people, and that there will not be wrongful punishments and accusations for the prisoners in the jail.  During his term of office, he did not abuse his power and status.  He followed the laws in handling affairs.

Year of Dog   1922   1982   2042   General Hong Chong

General Hong Chong (洪充) was born in Qian Tang, Zhejiang Province during the Ming Dynasty.  He built walls at the boundary of Suzhou to defend against the invaders.  He constructed canals and managed a well-trained troop.  He developed strategies to defeat the enemy.  He was appointed an official for his courage.   General Hong Chong passed away in 1524.

Year of Pig   1923   1983   2043   General Yu Cheng

General Yu Cheng (虞程) was born in Kun Shan, Jiangsu Province during the Ming Dynasty.  He did not fear hardship and would sacrifice for the people.  He was careful in handling affairs and led by example.  He lived a frugal life and was a filial son.  He treasured friendship and was a noble man.