Sheng Hong Arts Institute (Singapore)

Sheng Hong Arts Institute was founded by Mr Tan Thiam Lye, BBML, at the end of 2008 and he served as a dean. The aim of the institute is to pass down Chinese Culture, promote traditional arts, dance, opera and music in Singapore.
Sheng Hong Arts Institute comprises of Dance Department, Southern Traditional Chinese Music Department and Chinese Musical Instrument Department. Different departments attract different groups of students and interested parties. Sheng Hong Arts Institute recruits any interested parties who are interested in Chinese culture and art, regardless of age. The purpose is to cultivate performance talents of virtue and art, and to pass on the ancient traditional culture and art.
In order to further the development of local traditional culture and art, Sheng Hong Art Institute chose to intensively promote Southern Traditional Chinese Music, various Chinese Musical Instrument, opera performing arts and Chinese dance course.
Sheng Hong Arts Institute adheres to the principle of promoting social stability and the harmony and co-prosperity of multiple races, and promote traditional Chinese art. Since April 2011, the Institute has launched a number of short courses, including “Introduction to Southern Traditional Music”, “Four Treasure of Percussion Instrument”, “Southern Traditional Pipa Music”, “Southern Traditional Flute Music”, “Southern Traditional Tune Course”, etc. To get close to the interested parties and promote traditional art in an all-round way, the Institute has courses suitable for all ages.

Sheng Hong Art Institute Mission

1. Inherit Chinese Culture and promote traditional art;

2. Promote the development of traditional music and opera stage arts in Singapore;

3. To train performing talents with the goal of both virtue and art;

4. Establish a complete stage art training system from screenwriting, musical performance, to stage setting.

5. Develop a relationship with foreign arts institute to encourage culture exchange.

6. Provide research bases to attract international students, professors to develop local art research projects.

7. Recruit young people interested in traditional art and teach students in accordance with their aptitude.
Sheng Hong Arts Institute


Address : 15 Arumugam Road Singapore 409960

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