2022 Lunar New Year Spring Temple Fair

November 13, 2021 3:15 pm

Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple will organize the 18th Spring Temple Fair and a series of Taoist prayer rituals to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. Details of the 2022 Lunar New Year celebrations are as follow:

Year of the Tiger 2022

1)    Usher in the God of Wealth

31.01.2022 @ 11.58pm  Auspicious Direction: Southeast
Master Taoist priests will lead devotees to usher in the God of Wealth. To participate in this ceremony, devotees are encouraged to pre-register and obtain a set of offerings at $5 per set. After the ritual, devotees may place the joss sticks in the joss stick urn of the God of Wealth in the temple to signify the completion of receiving the God of Wealth, or bring home the joss sticks and place them in the joss stick urn at home. Devotees who do not have an altar at home may place the joss sticks in a temporary joss stick urn in the living room until the joss sticks burn out.

~~ A gentle reminder on personal and fire safety for devotees who opt to bring home the joss sticks  ~~

2)    Tai Sui Prayers

04.02.2022 – 02.03.2022 from 7:00am-8:30pm
Master Taoist priest will lead devotees to pray to Tai Sui for good fortune, prosperity, peace and safety. (Tai Sui Prayers)

Praying Tai Sui Procedures
Youtube: https://youtu.be/GaOjR2D7x3s

3)    Prosperity Hongbao

Available on 04.02.2022, 09.02.2022 and 15.02.2022 from 6:00am-8:30pm
Devotees shall pray sincerely to the God of Wealth and ask for a Prosperity Hongbao for a prosperous Year of the Tiger.

4)    Birthday of Divine Master Qingshui (清水祖师)

06.02.2022 (6th Day of the 1st Lunar month)
Traditional prayer rituals to be led by Master Taoist priests to celebrate the Birthday of Divine Master Qingshui and to pray for blessings and good health for all.

5)    Birthday of the Jade Emperor (玉皇上帝)

09.02.2022 (9th Day of the 1st Lunar month)
Traditional prayer rituals to be led by Master Taoist priests to celebrate the Birthday of Jade Emperor and to pray for peace and harmony for all.

6) Enhance One’s Fortune “Bu Yun” on the following dates (10 days):

  18.02.2022 (Friday)
22.02.2022 (Tuesday) 27.02.2022 (Sunday)
  19.02.2022 (Saturday) 24.02.2022 (Thursday) 28.02.2022 (Monday)
  20.02.2022 (Sunday) 25.02.2022 (Friday)  
  21.02.2022 (Monday) 26.02.2022 (Saturday)  

Master Taoist priest will conduct the prayer rituals and lead devotees to enhance one’s fortune.

Registration commences on 03.01.2022 (Monday) from 6:00am-6:00pm.
Devotees may also register between 04.01.2022 to 17.01.2022 from 8:00am-6:00pm.

Slots per day are limited and on first-come, first-served basis

7) Birthday of Tiger Lord

05.03.2022 (Awakening Day 惊蛰日) Auspicious Timing*: 10:42pm
Master Taoist priest will lead devotees to pray to Tiger Lord for blessings.  We welcome all devotees to join us from 03.03.2022 to 06.03.2022 to celebrate the Birthday of Tiger Lord.

*Tiger Lord will open Its mouth at this auspicious timing.

Light a Lamp to Light Up Your Path in the New Year

Sheng Hong Deity  Brightness Blessings                    $50 per lamp year
God of Wealth         Prosperity Blessings                    $50 per lamp year
Tai Sui                      Constant Brightness Blessings  $20 per name year
Jade Emperor         Jade Emperor Blessings              $50 per lamp year

We welcome devotees to light lamps for blessings. With the advanced technology, you can locate your lamps (except Jade Emperor Blessings) via your handphone number. Do keep us updated of any changes to your contact details.

Effective light up period for Constant Brightness and Jade Emperor Blessings is from 1st to 12th Lunar month of the Year of the Tiger (2022).


Download the Prayer Guide (敬拜仪式手册) for more information on the temple’s celebrations, registration procedures, prayer rituals etc.